Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nothing to post, really.

I wish I had something profound to say, but nothing really comes to mind, so I'll do a general update.

I am chugging away (revising, rewriting, occasionally starting from scratch) at the BIG BOOK, now working on chapter 12. Got paid for Avarice and Second Banana, as in received the cheques, so that is very cool. Also got a t-shirt from Necrotic, the fine people who bought Second Banana. I think that is a very cool promotional idea, something to file away when the time comes. I'm looking forward to the strange looks from people when I wear it.

For a while you've heard me whining about my headaches. It seems I have migraines. Got me some pills that are taking care of the problem, so I can put that behind me.

The thyroid thing has finally stabilized. Sadly, my weight has returned to what it was last winter, but not back to the dark bad old days, so that's something anyways.

That's about it for now.


Friday, April 18, 2008

I Sold Another Story!

Necrotic Tissue, purchased my story, Second Banana. It should be out some time in January 09. This makes an average of one sale per month. Well, technically, The Price of Victory was accepted last December, but the print version came out in January, so in my books, it counts.

Either way, I got me another sale, the sun is shining and its as warm as summer. Today is a good day.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why The Leafs Won't WIn The Cup

Okay, I'm about to do something I've been avoiding. I'm going to say, or post something controversial about hockey. And believe me, where I live, saying something bad about the Toronto Maple Leafs is risky. So, let me couch my statements with this proviso: I have not played hockey in my life, nor do know much about the current teams in the league. In fact, I would be hard pressed to name all the teams in the league.

But I do know this, Toronto hasn't won the cup since 1967, or the division the team has played in since 2000.

There are a thousand reasons why. Right now, the going reason is that management won't spend the money on good players because they don't need to. The arena is sold out for every game, TV ratings are always high, why spend?

I like this reason.

Another reason is the fans. Toronto fans are rabid Blue and White. Ridiculously so. Much of this is fueled by the media, constantly lambasting audiences with just how rabid they are that to deny it would be some kind of sacrilege. These fans refuse to accept a team building phase most championship teams go through. They don't want to see no-names play for their team, or ride out the bad times. They want the quick fix, the short trade, the one super-player who will turn it around for them.

I like this reason, too.

But the reason I think the Leafs won't win the cup is because of their captain, Matts Sundin. Now, don't get me wrong. Matts is one the great players in the league, and definitely one of the greatest the Leafs have ever had.

No, the reason is because he is Swedish. For years now Sweden has bred some of the finest hockey players in the world. The love the game like no other country in the world, and this is where Sweden and Canada part philosophies, for while the Swede treat the game like a beautiful women, with finesse and attention, the average Canadian views hockey as the national religion. There are people out there who eat, breath, bleed the game. They live for one thing and one thing only, to watch their team win the Stanley Cup.

In the old days, BE (Before Europeans) hockey was played very much when it was supposed to, in the winter. When the season was over, it was over. Players went to their respective summer homes, cottages, beach houses in Florida, whatever. They either celebrated a good season, or took out their aggressions on a golf ball, stewing, vowing that next year will be the year.

At the end of the season Sundin hops on a plane and heads home to Sweden to play in their summer league. The man has heart, but not the deep down need to win because he will always have hockey to play. That's all he wants to do and lives out his dream everyday.

Hooray for him.

The same can be said for the Ottawa Senators. Lots of Swedes over there.

Now let me make this clear. I have nothing against Swedish players, or any Europeans who play the game. Anyone who plays in the NHL deserved to be there.

Just not as captain. That kind of leadership role should go to a Canadian, or even an American. Because at the end of the season, they really, really, really, really, want to drink from that damn cup.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've Been Blogged!!?

Okay. Occasionally I have a few spare minutes in my day and out of idle curiosity I might type my name into Google. You know, just to see.

Stop laughing.

Really, stop it.

Anyway, I see this. . . and I'm asking myself what is this? Is it a scam? There was an icon that says click here if this is your blog, but then a window opened requesting info, so I closed it. Then I scroll down, and spy my name on another blog that has been Blogged, and using my blog as a link.

Hmm. Am I networking by accident? More importantly, are people actually reading this thing? Should I post more often? I hope not because that is a level of responsibility I disavowed way at the beginning of this thing.

Or am I being slagged? It has happened before, but the link is lost in the ether.


Writing news

Trudging along on the big book while breaking my own rules and taking detours here and there with the odd short story. Plus I had to retool some chapters, ie write a whole new one, then adjust everything before and after to make it fit. All said and done, I'm working on Chapter 9 right now.

I haven't had anymore stories accepted, but the month is only half over. Had plenty of rejections, one of which was real close to an acceptance. (like it was mine or the other guys kind of close). But close only counts in horse shoes and atomic bombs so...

If you care, keep your fingers crossed. If you don't care, you can do whatever you want with your fingers.

No. Not that, either.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Contract signed

Just signed the contract with Darwin's Evolutions, for 'Avarice'. After this, everything takes on an official status. My story will be in the first issue, which is an honour, and the issue should come out in May.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ad Astra 2008 Report

I must say this was one of the better cons I've been to. Probabaly because this is my fourth and I'm more comfortable with what is going on and know more people in the SF community.

Right off the bat I met up with fellow Writers of the Future Tony Pi and Stephen Kotowych. Both are nominated for the the Aurora, Canada's SF award. Other nominees in attendance were, Hayden Trenholm, David Klink, Douglas Smith and the venerable Rob Sawyer for his novel, Rollback.

My three panels went exceptionally well. This was the second year for the Writers of the Future panel, this time moderated by Jim Hines, and though lightly attended, was a lot of fun.

Tony Pi and I teamed up once again with Jessica Strider for Julie Czerneda's Misspelled anthology book launch game. Tony, Stephen and I were 'Goblin Lovers' helping Jim C. Hines launch his Goblin War, the third installment in Jig the Goblin novels.

Saturday night I attended the Julie Czerneda's Newsgroup Pizza Party for the first time. I got to meet some of the newsgroup denizens and even got a caricature of myself drawn. I went home early that evening, which according to Tony, was a mistake, as Guest of Honor, Kevin Anderson was holding court in the hotel bar. Ah, well.

And the costumer's were in full force this year. The 501st (?) Storm Troopers were in full force as were a stronger than usual anime contingent. I should have gotten some pictures of them.

On the whole I didn't take many pictures. I never really was a picture taker, but here is what I did get:

Is that Jig the Goblin? No, just his creator, Jim C. Hines talking to his fans at his Goblin War book launch.

It's the Casablanca Conference all over again. No, just Jim Hines, Stephen Kotowych, and Tony Pi at the the Writer's of the Future panel.

A captivated crowd at the WoTF panel. Or is that captive. We wouldn't let him out of the room. Seriously, he was early. More people came later. Enough, at least, to make it a fair fight.

Tony Pi, Guests of Honor Kevin Anderson and his lovely and talented wife, Rebecca Moesta, and some nobody who got in the shot.