Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beware! The Goose is Coming September 1st

My story, From the Files of the E.F.P.D. is coming out tomorrow in the anthology, Mother Goose is Dead published by Damnation Press.




Friday, August 19, 2011

Eulogy for my dad

Kat, wrote this for my dad. It turned out she didn’t have to read it since Catholic funeral services usually don’t have eulogies. I thought they were wonderful thoughts and I love her, and thank her for writing them down.

Steve Rimar was my father-in-law. Over the years, it has always surprised me when I hear different people's view of him.

I got to know him later in his life, and to see him with his grandchildren. I was there for Christmas times, and we were told never to miss his name day. He taught me to kiss the European way, two cheeks. Having come from a family where we didn't even hug, it took some getting used to but I grew to love it. He served me home made schnapps that made my eyes and stomach burn, he made me special spicy sausages that I loved. There were always little trinkets and gifts waiting for our children, and some wondrous cookie or chocolate that they never had seen before. Even in the nursing home, he would save the ice creams for when his grand children came to visit.

I know many people believe you are judged when you die, I believe it's by the people you had relationships with. Where ever we seem to go in Kitchener, people have little stories about Steve. He was a generous man, sometimes appearing gruff, but always with a tender heart. The tears when we would say goodbye after each visit over the last 14 years said so much. I know many people will remember 'Steve the barber' for many years, and many summer brush cuts!

There are so many wonderful full of life stories to tell about Steve. I knew at my wedding, my family life would always be colorful when he not only played the saxophone; but then at 11:00 pm proceeded to order our guests over speaker Nobody Leave, The Pig is being Served! The full pig, with the apple in it's mouth arrived 5 minutes later, and not one guest had the courage to leave, even the ones that had been on the way out the door. He was a character, and I'm sure we will be reminiscing for many years to come.

Who could forget the cabbage patch doll nailed to the tree on the front lawn - it kept the squirrels from climbing the tree and taking the bird seed from the bird house. Did I mention the bird house was a converted cat carrier on a pole? His sense of humor was sublime, and not everyone really understood it. It's hard not to think of the sparkle in his blue eyes and the glistening of tears when he would laugh.

Steve was always very determined, you might even stretch that to stubborn. It was no different with his health. He had cancer and beat it three times. He would go into the hospital and they would tell us, this was serious. Each and every time he beat it, he would scoff and be up and eating breakfast a few days later. He was determined, but he couldn't beat old age finally. He had a long life everyone will say, but I will say he had a colorful, determined life and he will be missed for the sense of wonder, adventure and twinkle that he always amazed me with.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Steve Rimar (Dec 29,1923- Aug 16, 2011)

My father passed away last Tuesday in his 88th year.



Friday, August 12, 2011


Got my contributor copies for cucurbital 2 in the mail today. The turtle picture still makes me laugh.


Trials and Tribulations of a Quick-Thinking Dad

Today is my kid’s 6th birthday. Yesterday I bought balloons to hang up around the house. Kat and my oldest daughter notice that one package of balloons is marked Happy 65th. Oops.

Don’t worry about it,” I say. “She won’t notice.”

This morning the birthday girl looks around and frowns. “Daddy, why do some balloons have a six and a five?”

Family gives me a collective told-you-so look, but I merely smile.

It’s because you are six today, but was 5 yesterday.”

Oh,” she says. “That makes sense.”


Monday, August 08, 2011

A Plug for a Fellow SWG’er

Fellow Stopwatch Gang member, Stephen Kotowych story, Under the Shield. Is now out in the latest InterGalactic Medicine Show. That means our little critiquing group has had representation in that illustrious zine for three issues running. It also means my story, Four Wizards and a Funeral, has gone to the archives.

Hey! Hold on there.