Monday, August 25, 2008

It's summer, what did you expect?

Yeah, yeah. I've been lax in the blogging department. You try and keep up with everything AND entertain a 10-year old who thinks she's thirteen and a 3-yr old who acts like she's thirteen. Needless to say, my hair has gone even grayer and I've developed a twitch under my left eye. Otherwise, I'm fine.

Writing-wise, I'm hacking away at the old book. Working on Chapter 24, plus bouncing around a short story idea or four. Hard to write with the kids in the house. They don't understand the concept of quiet time for Daddy. Ah, well. Got a note from a magazine wanting to hold onto one of my stories for the final cut. Cool, but it's a three month wait. Hopefully, I'll get a nice Christmas present.

The weather has really sucked this year. I almost feel sorry for all those people with cottages and backyard swimming pools. Almost. On the plus side, I've save oodles from not running the A/C.

Nothing much else. Kat is off work this week too, so my online time has dropped dramatically. September is coming up, and production should really go way up.

I hope.