Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Okay I made a mistake. I'm not done chapter 13. I am working on it now.

So, sue me.

Oh, and I got pictures of the book signining up on the website.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Chapter 13.

November is for hibernation

Well, I’m back after an extended hiatus. The first weeks of November are difficult because my daughter’s birthday falls in the middle of it. That means cleaning up the house and for me that is a month-long adventure into procrastination. If you thought I avoided writing, you should see me avoid housework. Firstly, I managed to fracture a rib, making breathing painful and sneezing simply terrifying. See. I am a virtual artist. I would say professional, but no one is paying me to do this. Anyway, after that my wife got a nasty cold which kept her home for most of the week, and I just didn’t bother trying to write anything.

So, here it is, a week before December and I going to get back on track. I kicked it off with a book signing with Sarah Totton in my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario. If friends and family hadn’t showed up our sales would have totaled zero. In fact the only volumes that did sell were Sarah’s XXII’s. We did, however, talk to many people and, contrary to the experiences of the other WoTF winners, were not forced to defend the book or L. Ron Hubbard’s name from Scientology critics.

We had two book signings and between them we had dinner at a local eatery with my friends where we caught up with each other’s lives and is always the highlight of returning home. So, thank you Fil and Carol, Steve and Eileen, Dieter and Edith, and Sarah’s big bald friend.
Stay tuned for some pictures. Not many this time around.