Friday, August 17, 2007

Kids and Dragon

Had to watch the neighbors kid again, and it’s hard to think with so many kid in the house, so I didn’t get much work done.

Next up, Dragonhearth by Tracy and Laura Hickman. At first I didn’t like this podcast by these two Fantasy giants. I liked the gimmick, sailing the stars aboard the good ship Dragonhearth, but I found Tracy (he’s a guy) sounding a bit like a hick--man, and on the first show he sang a song he had written for his wife.

Overtime, however, it was these very things that I liked about the show. Like most authors, Tracy and Laura use their podcast to promote their works, answer emails, and let their fans know what’s going on in their lives. But there are more little things that make this show special with high production values, with music and sound effects.

Like Tracy recording his book signings with writing partner Margaret Weiss and interviews with voice actors from the upcoming animated feature on their first book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the first book of the famous Dragonlance series.

Though Tracy and Laura are Mormons, they don’t push their religion. Only once did he bring it up, by offering a free copy of The Book of Mormon, signed by him. It was the only time he ever mentioned it.

I noticed something about religious people. They tend to be more open about their talents, singing aloud, joining a choir, etc. Perhaps the rest of us, non-entertainers have become too cynical of too self-conscious, afraid others might think we’re not cool.

Or maybe we just have really bad singing voices.

Anyway, Tracy and Laura answer emails and sometimes even take the show solo when one or the other is too busy. Tracy offers his own insights into writing. I especially like the soundtrack music he listens to for certain scenes.

I admit, this is one of the shows I look forward to, only because the schedule is a bit inconsistent.
Well, they are writers who actually make their money from their craft. I guess they can be forgiven.

Try Dragonhearth for a well-done show.



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