Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bios from the couch

So, now we come to another one of my favorites, "Starship Sofa." Hosted by Tony and Ciaran, this offering from the UK gives something different from what I usually listen to, author biographies. The show’s format is based on British comedian’s Ronnie Corbett’s rambling style of joke telling, so don’t be surprised if in the middle of things, either Tony or Ciaran take a tangent on some reminiscence, or personal history. It gives the show a relaxed homey feel and it becomes immediately obvious that they love what they are doing.

And they are well read.

I suspect, for the most part, they get their information from Wikipedia, not that it matters much. I’m sure they have other sources, including tidbits from fans. Their comical delivery covers for that. Besides, these are just two blokes who decided to do a podcast about their favorite authors. It’s not like they have a staff or fact checkers.

Stephen Donaldson thinks they do a fine enough job, so much so that he gave them a short story of his and did an interview, not a common occurrence since most of the people Tony and Ciaran cover are usually dead.

I’m sure they began their show focussing on their favorite authors, but soon branched out to others, including TV shows like ‘Red Dwarf", and have done a few specialty shows such as Religion in Science Fiction.

They do long shows, for a podcast, and sometimes if you marathon their shows, well, let’s just say they can be overwhelming.

Keep in mind that they are British, and therefore believe Douglas Adams should have been canonized, and love ‘Red Dwarf".


I can’t truly say I hate Red Dwarf because I have yet to understand it. You see, I come from an Eastern European background. I can understand almost any accent from the Continent, but anything beyond clipped Oxford dialect and I’ve got problems. Not the light stuff of course, but the real thick ones. I’ve given up talking to Scots. I’m fine with Monty Python and most other shows, but Red Dwarf, is a constant, "What? What did he say?"

So, there. I don’t care for Red Dwarf. Sue me.


The only true problem with the show is, at the rate they’re going. They might run out of authors. Most contemporary authors don’t have the biographical information of, say, Issac Asimov.

Anyway, give them a listen. You might learn something you didn’t know about your favorite writer.

That's all. So, it's goodnight from me, and it's goodnight from him.



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