Friday, August 03, 2007


For reasons as yet unknown, **cough** hacker **cough** my provider cannot provide my email.

I called them yesterday and again today. After slogging through their automated voice menu horseshit, (for customer convenience), I got through to an operator who is always, always, always on another call. Instead of playing some commecial for Rogers crap, they had a message stating there is a problem with email and other services in a number of cities they serve.

Well, when you got a monopoly on cable, yeah, that includes about everyone in the province.

To put life in perspective, Rogers Cable has so much money they bought a sports stadium, just to rename it Rogers.

I have nothing against Ted Rogers. He is obviously a shrewd businessman, and might even give to charities when he can. He has declared a "Roger's Day" where the corporation will host a picnic in a park and you can choose the music played via cellphone by texting. Didn't mention if the texting was free.

But that's neither here nor there. For the most part Rogers provides good service, for a monopoly corporation. Heck, Blogger is a service provided by them. Cool. Way to go.


And get rid of that stupid automated shit. If you can buy a crappy stadium, you can pay some English speaking university student in India to take my call. Better yet, hire them right here in Ontario.



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