Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another fine show

Another interesting podcast is Shaun Farrell’s Adventure in Scifi Publishing. Shaun is an aspiring actor/writer with a love for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Living in San Diego, he also has an advantageous connection with local bookstore, ‘Mysterious Galaxies’. Being a genre specific bookstore, it’s a favorite of touring authors to do readings and signings, and Shaun records those readings when he can, and gets interviews with some of the biggest names in the business.

I too, had a signing at ‘Mysterious Galaxies’ for the Writers of the Future XXI, along with the other writers in the anthology AND judges such as Jerry Pournelle, Ann McAffery, Frederick Pohl. So, imagine my surprise when no one wanted to interview me. ;)

Anyway, Shaun also reports on news in the industry and sometimes gives his opinions on items he feels strongly about.

The show is growing, with a new co-host, Sam Wynns, and ‘Ask the Pro’ pieces with Lou Anders and Tobias Buckell.

The thing I hate the most about the show is there is nothing to hate. Shaun and Sam make a good team, and as always the interviews are professional and interesting. Perhaps if I listen more I can pick on something. Meanwhile, Try Adventures in Scifi Publishing at:



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