Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Powers and the Glory

Went to see author and Writers of the Future workshop instructor Tim Powers on Saturday. First, I met up with fellow winners, Sarah Totton (XXII), Tony Pi (XXIII), and Gold Prize winner Stephen Kotowych (XXIII).

We met in front of the Merrill Collection Branch of the Toronto Library on a cold blustery day. For the life of me, I swore the branch was on Queen Street, about a mile south of where I needed to be. Luckily, I had arrived early, what I like to call, 'getting lost time.' Eventually, I met up with Sarah and Tony in front of the library.

Now, I don't want to say that the BIG PRIZE has gotten to Stephen Kotowych's head, but let's just say he arrived fashionably late, if you know what a mean ;) ;)

We all had lunch in Sai Gon Palace restaraunt. It was my first time with Vietnamese food and though tasty, I found it decidedly on the mushy side. But that's me. In any case, the portions were generous for the price, and I left with some food at the bottom of my bowl because I was full.

Sarah Totton, Stephen Kotowych, and Tony Pi settle up on the bill, while I play the tourist and take a picture. Notice the black T-shirt which Stephen and Tony generously gave to Sarah and myself. Underneath the shirt is a signed copy of WoTF XXIII.

After lunch we went to the library, which is likely one of the finest Science Fiction and Fantasy resources in the world. Unfortunately, the talk was on the third floor and I had a near coronary climbing the circular stairs, but then I always have a near coronary climbing stairs.

Tim is a wonderful speaker. He has an easy manner and a quiet confidence when he speaks, with healthy smatterings of humor, as he explained how he feels about how to describe his books. He knows they are magical realism, but is happy to describe them as Science Fiction or something that gets reviews in Locus magazine.

Here, Tim is seen with his ubiquitous can of Coke. The bag on the desk with the smiley face is filled with them.

Afterwards, he did a quick Q&A, which I found intimidating. I sometimes forget that fans will give your work more consideration than the average person. And if they happen to be English Lit majors, well, forget it. Luckily, Tim was also an EngLit major and easily went toe to toe answering questions on allegory and themes. Later, as I drove home, I realized how cool it must be to have your work considered seriously by EngLit majors.

With the Q&A over, most went to try some of the refreshments laid out for the guest. Here, Tim's lovely wife, Serena, displays a thin slice of a strudel-like pastry in the style of a The Price Is Right model.

Meanwhile, books were purchased and signed.

This is about the only time Tim looked into the camera. Here he is with Sarah Totton.

Tony Pi looks about to gush like a school girl as he looks upon Tim's magnificenceness and penmenship.

Stephen Kotowych: Come on, Tim. It was just last August, like 2 months ago. You remember? Pasadena? I won the Gold Award? It's me, Canadian Steve.

Tim Powers: Hmmm, sorry. Don't remember. Is that with a 'K'?

Finally, it was time to go, and we gathered for the obligatory group shot. Here, are the recent winners (I think we need a cool name, like the Gang of Four, or the Four Horsemen): (l-r)Stephen Kotowcyh, Tim Powers, Tony Pi, Sarah Totton, and Mike Rimar.

And finally, a little bit of the man in motion. Tim Powers.


At 10:05 a.m., Blogger Stephen Kotowych said...

That's probably the best possible caption for the photo of Tim and me :)

Oh, and I vote for 'The Gang of Four.'

- S.


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