Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hippy Dippy Podcasting

Isn’t if funny how I complain about inconsistency in podcast schedules, yet randomly blog myself?


Boy, do I like a good laugh.


Okay, got that all out of my system.

Science Fiction author, Paul Levinson, does something with his podcast that’s a little different in its ordinariness.

Paul uses Light On, Light Through to discuss his views on television shows; movies, songs, other books or in other words, it’s an audio blog. He opens each show with music that might have come from the musical, Hair, then quickly introduces his topic. His tastes are surprisingly diverse, I mean you don’t usually expect a middle-aged Jewish guy to like rap. His views on movies tend to be in depth and his reasons for like or dislike are well balanced and grounded in common sense.

Levinson is also a fan of the short cast, piling in a load of information in a limited time. He doesn’t however, go on about his own accomplishments or appearances. He mentions his latest book, offers an audio drama of one of his short stories for a contest then gets to the nitty-gritty.

What he does do, however, is devote too much time to promos for other podcasts. He reserves this time for the end of his podcast and sadly I use it as a signal to skip to the next show.

Otherwise I enjoy the show.

Okay, it’s a short review, but then it’s a short podcast.



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