Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday…Maintenance for those in the know ;)

Interesting coincidence this week concerning actress Maureen O’Sullivan.  In his blog, The Way the Future Blogs, Frederick Pohl laments how he’s forgotten many moments from F&SF conventions long past including one particular con he dubbed the “Johnny Weissmuller Con.”

For those too young to remember, Johnny Weissmuller was the best and most popular Tarzan.  That distinctive Tarzan yell is his.  His co-star for six Tarzan features, his Jane, was Maureen O’Sullivan and both were in attendance at said Con.

So, that was posted Oct 14.  Just this past weekend Kat spent the weekend with her mother, who gave her a stack of her late father’s DVD’s, among them a collection of Tarzan classics starring Johnny and Maureen.

As William Shatner might say, is that weird or what?

If you are interested in the history of science fiction, I urge you to visit Frederick Pohl’s, The Way the Future Blogs, for which he recently won the Hugo for best Fanzine.  The man is the definition of living legend with tons of great anecdotes about your favorite authors like Heinlein, Clark, and a others.




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