Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dangers of Blogging

With the understanding that by blogging my burgeoning writing career (emphasis on burgeoning), my words are essentially public domain, I’ve striven to keep my opinions and statements light-hearted, never to be taken too seriously. For the most part, I believe I have succeeded.

Unfortunately, there will always be people out there who lurk in the cyber shadows with their own private, nefarious agendas. I’ve done my best to keep my children's names private, but I didn't notice them in Kat's eulogy for her dad.

So, it wasn’t too surprising to discover someone from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, scouring the web for my daughter’s blog. God only knows what sickness must be infecting this person’s mind, but I hope they get help. Or shot. Preferably with a small calibre bullet that doesn’t quite penetrate the cranium, doing just enough damage to cause permanent brain damage so that you can only view life from a wheelchair while sucking dinner through a straw. Sick, demented, however you prefer to think of yourself, consider this: if I know where you are from, how much more effort would it take to know who you are? You, your friends--your relatives, I'm sure they would be interested to know your proclivities. Mark my words.

Why just thinking about it almost brings a tear to my eye.

Have a nice day.



At 6:11 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The police might be interested, too :)



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