Saturday, July 31, 2010

Milton Pirates Festival

A number of years ago we discovered the Renaissance festival held in Mississauga. It was, in a word, COOL. They had plays, and vendors and silly games for the kids and, get this, real jousting. Lists, armored knights, horses, lances, the whole sha-bang. My family really loved going.

Then the farmer who allowed the Renaissance festival the land to use decided to sell it for a housing development. And for years, nothing other than whispers of a Robin Hood festival in London and a Medieval Faire in Michigan. Both way too far.

Anyway, Kat discovered the Pirate festival in Milton which is, for us, the far side of Toronto. But it sounded like maybe, just maybe, and off we went.

Short review, if you live on the west end of Toronto, or about a half-hour from Milton, yeah, go ahead. Otherwise, it’s just a bit too small to be worth it.

Best thing are the patrons and on site actors who take part in the scenery. Among them the pickle guy, who sells cucumbers on a stick from a large barrel on wheels.

Two great quotes I heard:

From and an actor who noticed me and my daughter walking into each other “Like two ships passing in the night only to find the sea too small.”

From two girls passing the pickle guy. “I’d buy a pickle if the guy wasn’t so weird.”



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Check out the annual Guelph Faery Festival (was June 18-19) at

I enjoyed it,


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