Monday, March 30, 2009

Ad Astra 2009 Report

As usual, I met up with Tony Pi, this year's nominee for the Campbell award for best new writer. Said hello to other writers including Dough Smith, 3x Aurora nominee, and Robert Sawyer, Aurora nominee who will hopefully have his TV series based on his book Flashforward picked up for the fall season. Also met with Suzanne Church, Carolyn Clink and Rob St. Martin among others. Made some new friends and as usual, managed to rub others the wrong way. (Note to self: Don't slag Joss Whedon at a con). Attended a couple of panels and author readings then headed home.

The same for Saturday. Attended a number of panels and author readings. Amusing conversation overheard in the Dealers room (which was a bit sparse this year IMHO). Ed Greenwood is looking over some D&D miniatures at a gaming stall.

Guy Behind the counter: So, do you play D&D?

Ed Greenwood: Actually, I design them.

Guy behind the counter: Oh, which ones?

Ed plucks out the Forgotten Realms Game Manual he created. His name is embossed across the bottom: This is me.

Guy behind the counter blinks. Blinks again. You can actually hear the silent swearing in his head. He tries to save face: Ed Greenwood!!! You know, I've met you before.

I wonder about this because unless you have some serious short-term memory, Ed Greenwood is a fairly recognizable person once you've seen him.

And Ed Greenwood, ever gracious, lets him off the hook and talks with the poor guy for a while.

Minutes later I see Ed Greenwood, and grin: I love overhearing stuff like that.

Ed Greenwood grins back: I know. Me too.

I'm going to file that one away.

Went to Julie Czerneda's annual newsgroup Pizza Party. Afterword, hung out with Tony Pi killing time till his next panel with James Alan Gardner. I intended just to listen but Jim, asked if I wanted to attend since they were short a panelist, and idiot opportunist that I am, I said sure. The topic, Virtual Reality and holodeck-type simulations. Yikes! And let me tell you, those audience members knew way more than I did. Thank God for Jim and Tony, who pulled most of the weight. Still, I think I held my own, changing things up by taking the con side, pointing out why such things cannot truly exist. Oh well, bullshit baffles brains.

Sunday and I finally had my own scheduled panels, Dueling Openings and Parodies. I got smoked again on dueling openings, where you read the first sentence of published stories. It was fun, and in both panels I actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about.

Also attended Ages of Wonder book launch where I won a copy of Julie Czernada's Reap the Wild Wind and later a reading by my nemesis, Tony Pi.

This brought the con to a successful conclusion. I did miss certain faces, like Stephen Kotowych and Jim Hines, even though I knew he wouldn't be there. There was a lack of puzzle games associated with book launches. They always add an element of fun to the con and help fill the dead periods between panels.


My wife tells me the roof is leaking. And water has soaked into the bedrooms. And there are shingles missing. And she can't find the warranty for the roof.


Life goes on.



At 10:29 a.m., Blogger Jim C. Hines said...

D'oh! You mean the year I end up missing Ad Astra is the year Ed decides to show up? Grumble...

Sympathies on the roof. That's not what you want to come home to, ever.

At 2:34 p.m., Blogger Mike Rimar said...

OR, Seeing you've passed on Ad Astra, Ed Greenwood decided to show up. Oh, did I mention I shared a panel with him? Oh, yes. I did.

As for the roof, you would think in this shrinking economy roofers would be more obliging to fix a roof. But nope. We only do the whole roof and nothing but the roof. And the ones who do repairs don't want to return my calls. AND not only is my roof leaking, but my kid broke my phone.

The only good news is I'm out of the dog house where the warranty is concerned as I finally found the envelope my wife gave me with all the warranties in it and there wasn't a roof warranty in the bunch. So, WEEEE! no warranty.




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