Monday, November 05, 2007

Been Busy


Missed me? Uh huh, sure you did.

Sorry about being gone so long but this bathroom renovation has been a real, uh, learning experience. Major lessons learned here.

1. If confronted with a wall that has been 'splatter painted' with reds and greys, just rip the whole thing out. There are just too many thick blobs and paint runs to deal with, and after you fixe the 20 you know about, there is another 100 that appears after the first coat.

2. Don't peel the old paint off. It's tempting, and logic tells you it must come off, but don't do it. The nightmare patch job waiting for you is, well, a nightmare.

3. If you do peel, take it all off. That's right. Strip it right down to the drywall. Why? Because logic tells you there is a reason this old paint isn't sticking to the walls like it's supposed to. Like, say, someone painting a latex over an acrylic.

4. Learn to measure.

5. Get more powertools. Especially something that cuts angles.

6. Get a professional to do it if you can. Or at least someone who knows what the hell is going on.

That all said, ladies and gentlemen, I give to you half the bathroom.

No mirror at the time of this picture, or towel rack or any of the frills, but they will come. But this is what I did. That's a new counter and a new sink. New paint on the walls and a new floor after ripping a layer of tile, then a layer of linoleum.

New light fixture, too. New faucet for the sink. New plate around the electrical socket. New socket (I painted over the old one).

Anyway, I got the bathroom finished enough to clean up the main floor for halloween. Here's Ellery dressed as a fifties poodle girl.

And Hayley in her pirate gear.

The pumpkin family with a flash.

And in the dark. Oooooooh! Spooooky!

That's it. Hope you've all had a good Halloween.



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