Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've had enough

I can't wait for November 26 and the Led Zeppelin and the big reunion concert. Not because I'm going, or that I'm a big fan. Not because I'm looking forward to the brawl that's sure to happen when a stadium full of British football/concert hooligans, most of them strangers to one another thanks to the balloting system of ticket distribution, decide to unite in violence against all the foreigners who also have come to see the concert event of the decade.


What I want in my radio back. This concert has hijacked the airwaves like nothing before. It's bad enough when you live in a city where the classic rock station (Q-107) dubb themselves Q10Zeppelin for the amount of the band's music they play. The station appears to run on a simple rule of them: Satisfy the Can-Con, then satisfy the Zep-Con.

Everything else is incidental.

There is no escape from other stations. If they play rock of any kind they have montage contests, trivia contests, phone in and guess the number contests, hell, I bet even John Tesh is having a "Stairway to Zeppelin" contest on his syndicated EZ Rock shows.

And always the music. Sorry, not all of us are teenage potheads with LED ZEPPELIN misspelled in blue and black ink on the back of our denim jackets and think Plant and Page are gods. (Bonhams' dead and no one really cares about John Paul Jones- not even the band).

Speaking of which, the only thing that must suck worse than being the drummer son of Rock's most famous dead drummer, is being the drummer son of Rock's most famous dead drummer unable to find a band to play in other than your dead father's old group.

The sad thing is, I know the hype won't end after the concert. If they played well, there might be talk of a tour and a new album. And why not, the Eagles are releasing a new record after the swore never to again, but that was before the tours they swore they would never do again.

And if the concert sucked, there will be that to talk about. But short of Jimmy Page taking over lead vocals while Plant dances like Michael Flatly in "Lord of the Dance," I think the show will be deemed a success.

I fearnot even a good old fashioned commercial Christmas will have the power to shoot down the Zeppelin, with the CD's and DVD"s of the concert and let's not forget the ubiquitous boxed sets.

The only good thing that can come from this is the hoopla is a one time thing. Once the back together, the cherry has been popped. Like the Who's neverending reunion tours, the novelty will fade until people merely shrug at the mention of a concert. I mean look what happened to the Rolling Stones--

oh crap.



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