Monday, January 31, 2011

Award Shows and stuff

Congratulations, you’ve just been nominated for best in your category, your competition: four people skilled in your craft and an 89 year old favorite experiencing yet another career renaissance.  Will you be attending the ceremony?

Why bother?

Of course, I’m talking about Betty White who picked up a Screen Actors Guild award for her work in Hot in Cleveland, a kind of 50 is the new 40 Golden Girls comedy.  I watched one episode and bailed, but apparently it’s a hit—and an award winner.  I suspect this has much to do with Betty White. Does she deserve the award? Hell yeah, if not for Cleveland, then for everything else she’s done. A great woman who deserves all the long overdue accolades she’s been receiving.

BUT!  Those poor other actresses.  Some may never get nominated again.  To find your name on the list only to go up against Betty White.

Well, it’s nice to be nominated as they say.

(If you believe that, I got a the deed for the CN Tower I could let go for cheap.)




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