Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Not the End of the World

The CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has come online, shooting a beam of light around a tunnel some 27 km around, and despite the predictions of most armchair conspiracy doomsayers, we are still here. Of course, the workings are way more complicated than I could possibly understand, but suffice to say this was a culmination of 20 years of work, invented technology, and carefully calculated guesses. Congratulations to CERN and all those involved.

I watched TV last night. I watched a show called, "Fringe," starring that guy from Dawson's Creek. Somewhere down the line the show's producers discovered they had way more than an hour's worth for a premiere, but less than two hours worth. Amazingly, instead of chopping the show into unrecognizable bits, they televised what they had. And it was the right decision. "Fringe," a mix of Heroes, with a touch of "I, Robot" (the movie version), and stomach twisting "CSI" graphics. Copycat show, maybe, but the writers took all that was good from its predecessors. "Fringe" isn't perfect. Some of the stunts were a little over the top. But it did have a few classic lines, my favorite being from the literally mad scientist, Dr. Bishop on the genetic similarities between cows and humans. (Not accurate but the gist is there) "When experimenting for humans, humans are best, unless you want milk, then you really want a cow."
Should be the slogan for the Dairy Council.

Another show I watched, though only a portion because of "Fringe's" unusual length, was "True Blood." Though I only saw a portion, the premise is the the Heroin, Sookie, can read minds and she lives in a Louisiana town that Co-Eds with vampires. The show ended with Sookie, waiting for a date she arranged with a newcomer vampire, getting jumped by some guy and girl and getting the crap kicked out of her. Luckily, the show was on The Movie Network, Canada's version of HBO/Showtime, so "True Blood" will be shown plenty of times this month. So far the only thing I don't like is the casting of Anna Pacquin as Sookie. It isn't so much her acting but that gap between her front teeth. She looks like she's been chewing tobacco all her live and squirted the juice between her front teeth. Yuck.

Okay. That's it for now.



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