Monday, January 07, 2008

Ad Astra 2008

Just checked the Ad Astra website and saw two new names added to the Guest of Honour list: Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta. Not only is the married couple powerhouse writers in the genre, they are also judges in the Writers of the Future Contest.

As yet, I don't know if they will do a WoTF Panel, but can you imagine sitting with these two, then include Robert Sawyer and Jame Alan Gardner. Then you got Stephen Kotowych, who won the recent grand prize; Tony Pi, 2nd place winner and critic's favorite; Goblin Quester Jim C. Hines who'll be launching his third book at the convention . . .

Hell, I'll have to join the panel just to find a seat in the place.

Went to visit friends and family in the hometown of Kitchener this past weekend. Always fun and had a good time except for a throbbing headache that refused to go away. Finally succumbed to taking a couple of Extra Strength somethings.

Christmas vacation has ended. Kat's back at work, the kid is back to school and, for me, the new year has officially begun. As I said before, I'm going to concentrate on getting a final draft of the BIG BOOK done. As before, I'm not going to do a word count, which is kind of difficult anyway, since it's a rewrite. I will do the chapter count off, and start the ball rolling with Chapter 1 in the can and halfway through Chapter 2.

Hopefully I can get a major chunk done before Kat makes me reno the upstairs bathroom.




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