Friday, August 10, 2012

Updated ChiCon Schedule

Sat Sep 1 1:30:pm
Sat Sep 1 3:00:pm
Canadian Genre Writers

What do Canadian writers offer to genre writing. Is there a unique Canadian perspective?

Brian Hades Cary A. Conder Mike Rimar Robert J. Sawyer Robert Runte Susan Forest

Sun Sep 2 12:00:pm
Sun Sep 2 1:30:pm
The Future Evolution of the Short Story

Columbus EF
What role is the short story playing in reading lives today? It used to be a proving ground in SF, is that still true? Why/not? What are our favorite venues for short stories lately? What\'s the right price point for short stories? Electronic or print? Anthology or single sale? This would be a great panel for lots of audience participation.

Barbara Galler-Smith Donald J. Bingle Ellen Datlow Marie Bilodeau Mike Rimar

Mon Sep 3 10:30:am
Mon Sep 3 11:00:am
Reading: Mike Rimar


Mike Rimar


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