Thursday, April 12, 2012

Updated Ad Astra Schedule

Turning a New Digital Leaf on Reading
Mike Rimar(m), Douglas Smith, Rebecca Simkin, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Giasone Italiano, Marcy Italiano
With the advent of tablet computers, smart phones
and e-readers it looks as though many readers are
finally reading at least some fiction on electronic
devices. What sort of role will exist for printed
books in ten years time? What do you love/hate
about them.
Floor 2 Salon 2
4:00 PM

Peer Support, the importance of writing groups and critiques by
other authors

Mike Rimar(m), Ursula Pflug, Ian Keeling, Suzanne Church, Matt
Moore, Marcy Italiano
Writing can be a very insular experience, you and
your wordprocessor... during the process how do
you measure if you are on the right track- how do
you keep focus. A writing group is a great way for
you to receive honest critiques and support from
your peers.
Floor 2 Salon 3
11:00 AM

Reading: Mike Rimar and Douglas Smith
Mike Rimar, Douglas Smith
Floor 2 Salon 1
12:00 PM


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