Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dear Diary

May 08 – Realized I’ve miscounted in the last few entries. Since finding I am a finalist some 45 days have past. Not that it matters since I still haven’t heard from the contest, but just want to get matters straightened out.

Hmm, had a fried egg sandwich on a toasted fococcia bun. Not sure that was such a good idea. Going to go look for some antacid.

As noted in the comments from previous post, got a reach out from another finalist, Andrew Baines, who is also waiting as patiently as possible.

At this point I would normally insert some self-effacing comment about the on-going conspiracy against me and the unlikelihood that I would win, but I’m not. Today, I am going to feel positive. Later, I might return to my old ways, but only because it is more fun to be negative. That’s why critics love to blast anything that was once considered popular, but I digress.

No, I’m going to embrace a new philosophy. I may not win, but I have as good a chance as anyone else. The bottom line is, if at any time I felt my story was sub-par, why did I waste money on stamps in the first place? The story is good, and deserves to be published. Hopefully in the next anthology. If not, then somewhere else.

It’s just that ‘somewhere else’ does not provide a cool week of workshops and schmoozing with celebrities in sunny California, or wherever the hold the ceremony that year.




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