Monday, April 19, 2010

Caught in the Buble

Michael Buble, the Canadian crooner, was in Newfoundland for the Juno awards. He did very good for himself, accolades well-deserved. Sadly, he had to cut his victory festivities short because there was concern the volcanic ash from Iceland threatened the skies of the Rock. His pilot warned that if they did not take off they might be trapped on the island for days.


The poor man, because God knows Newfoundland doesn’t have any reliable form of transit, or ferries to the mainland, or heck, even cars.


At what point have we associated air travel as the only form of travel? Yes, it’s quick. And if you have to cross the ocean, there is no argument. But to travel within your own country? Or across Europe? I thought they loved their trains over there. Sure, it might take a couple of days, but if you’re grounded anyway…

No, I would rather stay were ever I am and complain about the situation.

I’m just waiting for the first airline to try and sue Iceland for money lost.

Here is an interesting observation: the older your picture is, the younger you appear.

Still waiting on the Writers of the Future thing. When I know, you’ll know.



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