Saturday, October 03, 2009

Random Post

Saturday night. Not doing much, just watching Yes Man on the TMN. It's okay. Not sure what the big deal is about Zoey Daschenal. I like her better as a blonde, like in Elf, but otherwise not exactly an inspirational actress.

Of course this means she is destined to win an Oscar and go on to become the greatest American actress after Meryl Streep's untimely demise during a freak Golden Globes accident.

Watched most of Stargate: Universe. I was never a fan of the Stargate franchise, even though I did like the movie when it came out way back when.

Okay, just saw a real funny part in the movie when Carey serenades a guy trying to commit suicide. This is the second of third time he's sung so far.

FYI if I laugh out loud, it's real funny to me.

Anyway, yeah, SGU I guess is what their gonna call it. Wasn't bad. I liked the FX, casting, the story was all good. At least for the 2 hour premier. I'll watch the show see how it goes.

Lets see what else... Fastforward is looking to be excellent. CSI Las Vegas, used to be CSI classic, but now is just kinda CSI what the heck. But it's the only thing on at that time.

Made a real good roast beef for dinner, but could could have used a real nice tasty treat now.

Oh! Joined a critique group. Had one meeting so far, but it went really good.

Yes Man is over now. Looking fro something else....and...999 channesl of nothing. Ooooh. The Godfather. Just in time for the horse head scene. Classic.

But moving on...

Bah, nevermind. Getting tired. Gonna go to bed read some, then go to sleep. No sleeping in on weekends when your 4 year still wakes up with sun.

Really have to teach her how to cook.



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