Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

Since this is Mother’s Day and my very first Blog entry, I think it’s appropriate that I talk about my wife, Kathleen. She is an incredible person. Intelligent, funny, lovely, a great mother and there are almost no limitations to her generosity and her patience. I know, because I’ve often pushed her beyond that limit and believe me, it takes a lot of work.

Kathleen is a computer guru. If it not for her I wouldn’t have this Blog connection. I’m sure, given a few weeks, I could’ve puzzled it out, but she did it in a matter of minutes. Well, that is part of her occupation and is no big deal. What is a big deal, at least to me, is that she took time out to do it. She was tired, had a headache and when I asked her for help I meant later in the day, or even the week. A Blog isn’t exactly a priority in my life.

Without hesitation Kathleen kicked me out of the computer chair and went to work. Then she fixed up my site so it looks a lot better. Programming is not my thing and I used a ‘How To Write HTML’ book instead of one of the easier to use ‘site builder’ programs. Needless to say, she spent the entire night fixing my mistakes.

Now that’s love.

There is more to her than that, but it is just a small example of why I am a happily married man.

Anyway, Kathy, I love you. I may not tell you all the time and I know I sure don’t show it enough, but I do.

Happy Mother’s Day


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